Easter Monday 2016

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Nothing is ever quite as straightforward as you imagine. Take moving water from one dam to the next for instance. In our mind it was going to be a simple matter of hooking up the firefighter pump to the pipe and sending the water on its way. There was even a cheer of jubilation when at first this seemed to work…however not more than an hour later the pump ran out of petrol and the impact had been negligible…a new plan was needed. What’s more, it’s needed before the excavator and bobcat arrive later this week to flatten what was once a motorbike track, move a roundabout to a new location, level an area anticipated to be our new easily accessible veggie patch and clean out the area designated as the new warm protected citrus grove, will we really be able to grow our own in Stanley….only time will tell.

Charlie is now devising a cyphoning plan which while a slower solution will actually not require a pump so can run day and night until the little dam is a haven for water activities.

The bigger vision for how each area of our dream will interact with the other is slowly coming to life with veggie garden plans being proposed to allow for robust debate about the merits of aesthetic appeal to compete with the merits of practicality. While a solution is still eluding us, we at least now have a starting place in which to draw a conclusion that suits both our desires. Where we park, the route we walk, the view from the deck, the access for public and what different buildings will be used for is an ever evolving and constant conversation in the rare and brief moments we have without interruption from children.

Charlie pronounced an aha moment this week – the result being a desire to have a nursery up and running by the end of this winter. His rationale being that it has low overheads, generates no waste, is fast to create and gives him immediate focus for the business which feels like progress. Quite exciting to hear him outline where the starting line is.

The second worthwhile insight for the week was our first earlier than expected frost. Nothing more than a light dusting on the mulch in the lower paddock but a frost none the less confirming that we will need to keep our orchard on higher ground and get creative with the few places that sit low on the property.

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