A theory…for the finest tasting apple in the world

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As foodies, you’ve both likely heard of the coffee bean that comes from Vietnam that costs squillions given its unique provenance…consumed by weasels, shat out, collected, and so on.

I’m currently in a phase of eating between 8-20 apples a day (I’m not lying here. Some are small, and some just a bite or two, but it is my principle diet right now). They are magic, some more than others and the tree…what a marvel, I can only imagine the tonnage coming from the bugger.

My theory is this. The particularly yellow ones, mostly on the ground, but not all (as there are no real bugs to speak of!) are the pick of the crop. I’m not sure how long they are on the turf, but the best- sincerely, are the apples with a small grub. I’ve eaten a hundred of them, not always seeing the 1mm, slightly oxidized hole going right to the core.

Their presence seems to make the apple so much better…some kind of symbiotic release of sugars or airation?

I/we could weave a really bloody good story about it. Imagine selling the first bona fide super tasking apple, each with it’s own special agent/grub?

Like Techilla with the worm, and the winemakers botrytis.


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