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So we’ve successfully reached the one month mark on this little patch of dirt and while the focus has been on getting through the boxes of much loved stuff….so much stuff… which has been crammed into every available nook and cranny, we have managed to find a little time to lift the head out to the view of the paddocks and let the mind wander into the direction of agricultural possibilities.
We’ve bought the tractor…and all the necessary add ons…forks, slasher, pipe layer which bought with it an immediate need to set some ground rules for the kids (must wear shoes, no driving alone and only one at a time with dad…not mum as she doesn’t want the responsibility). We’ve undertaken our first paddock clean up…gorse be gone! And realised that the multi purpose slasher won’t double as our lawn mower…back to trawling gumtree.

Have been feeling my way with using the name black barn farm for the last month and it feels good…sexy, confident, evocative. All good for marketing but charlie feels it lacks integrity. A good point considering there is not actually a black barn on the farm. So…do we make the small barn black, do we prioritise the building of a new black barn or do we change our name…one small barn perhaps or what about small barn farm. All have appeal but tell different stories and we need to be sure our message is easily understood and we are operating with integrity.

We bought the next door neighbours block this week (another 11 acres plus a house which we don’t really need and a smattering of well kept sheds). Perhaps we could call it two small farms. Not due to settle on this until 10th March 2017 so am sure we will have a clear vision by then…I bloody hope so.

Charlie is nearly finished with his PDC which has been a journey of consolidating his knowledge and refining his own farming vision. My out takes a have been vicarious but certainly not to be undervalued as much can be learned from a partner’s insights.

The borrowed gps unit was put to good use this week with a two hour back and forth over the property. Charlie now feels confident to claim he has walked every inch of the block, not to mention the assured knowledge that the contoured tree rows can now be planned.

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