And the rain just keeps on falling

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And the rain just keeps on falling. Despite the endless red mud which is doing its best to thwart progress…we push on. With a few clear nights and frosts like you’ve never imagined we constructed a plan to use the solid freeze to our advantage and Charlie put the tractor on the frozen ground and puddles in the early morning light to push dirt around for hours upon hours and managed to singlehandedly create one more veggie garden bed. That’s three in and three to go, with a lasagne soil development plan we have started with deep ripping to give drainage a real chance as well as the need to break up what used to be the roundabout with a decade or more of cars compacting what will now be the soil to grow food.
Our first layer was rich red clay followed by pea straw which Charlie has purchased 70 round bales of from Rutherglen at a great price with a plan to sell a few to subsidise our own bales. Then the final layer is mushroom compost from Taylors yard…it will inevitably need more in time but we will create our own with a massive composting regime in the future.

The kitchen is so very close. If Charlie reminds me that you have to break eggs to make Omlettes one more time I might break one on him….in the meantime the dust continues as the kitchen walls are plastered ready for painting and then tiling this weekend.

We have both settled with the idea of a smaller house which means a lower mortgage more money and time for the farm.

We’ve spent a week of getting the rootstock and scion wood ordered but Charlie can provide more details on that. On a side note the rDA project plan was completed this week after many weeks and many many hours of going back and forth defining the strategic vision for a project that could well change the vision of the co op.

I confirmed that I would begin work with the open food network after the school holidays which is another step in the fair food direction. And consolidates my thinking that I will inevitably walk away from tourism on a broader scale and begin to focus on our offering alone.

We had the second illustrated drawing for our logo come through this week…the apples. I’m not as enamoured with it as I am with the goose but it is indeed beautiful. It’s a small cluster of three espouses spite berg apples. I am hoping to have the completed logo ready to present to the world in the next few weeks.

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A fire to keep the Black Barn farmhouse warm