And the rain keeps falling…

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And the rain just keeps falling. We are more than ten weeks in now with more or less consistent drizzle and rain. Puddles have formed in every imaginable location the once well drained soil is so sodden that is squelches underfoot like a sponge in even the steepest and sandier areas.

We had the Mosley family up last weekend for a day of walnut planting which was a great success. There are now 24 walnuts in the ground with soybean mix, lime and michorizal powder on all their roots and then cardboard ramial wood chips and pea straw as mulch before the final tonic of fish emulsion to settle them each in.

This week…despite the rain Pete has soldiered on to get the windows and doors into the packing shed as well as a beautiful job of restoring the hardwood rafters to replace the steel frame. We have attempted a superficial tidy up and begun the creative process of determining where everything will sit in the room for its use as a workshop space. The most exciting development is the inclusion of a new loft area at the northern end of the shed which I’ve no doubt will come in very handy as the kids get bigger and want their own space.

Charlie made salami at the annual boys weekend this weekend just passed and despite the snowy weather enjoyed the chance to drink some beers, sleep in a swag and connect with a few new lads as well as the usual crew.

I have just completed the first draft of the Black Barn which felt relatively painless but might now be subject to the seemingly necessary months of contemplation and potential evolution.

Andrew…the barn building magician spent a few hours with us here on Sunday and gave us much food for thought as well as the details of a couple of places to source some timbers he has come across in his travels. All feeling very real and that a start next October might actually be on the cards.

Am working through a scrawling hand drawn version of the carport which I need to drop to Mike this week so we can get that underway. It will be as simple as they come but now on the northern side so we have a very private entrance which will allow us to lock the publicly accessible driveway when we deeply desire some peace and quiet.

We are in no rush for a carport but at least it is a job we can keep tracking along while the drizzle continues to fall.

I ordered the gate sign this week…$430 later. Which we hope to have in the ground before our planned grafting workshop on September 3rd. We have sold five tickets so far and Charlie is getting a little antsy that we need at least another five but we are still six weeks away so I’m sure we will reach our target. The date has improved a deadline for a very long list of jobs to be done but am not sure it is physically possible to achieve them all and may need to prioritise in the next week so we don’t come unstuck with anxiety.

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