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While I’m not sure of the objective of deep winter, it certainly serves in its ability to stimulate thought, connect you with others and keep momentum of the fair food movement chugging along.
This years was bathed in sunshine which for us was a necessary blessing and just the break we needed from the moonstone of wetness.

I wore a few hats this year. Black Barn farm was only a dream last year but a reality this year so it changed my perspective of the gathering. I was also carrying an open food network perspective yet spoke most publicly about the co op which is perhaps where I feel most confident so it was an intense few days.

Buena Vista farm hosted the dinner …talk about being aptly named. It really is beautiful and they have done the property pure justice by keeping their offering clean and simple. A beautiful, real, memorable property and doing great things.

The immediate outtake is that smaller dwag regionally focussed need to happen in order keep the conversation going so Charlie and I have proposed a high country fair food convergence in February 2017. This can be our next real gathering at Black Barn farm…let the fun (and hard work) begin.

After two days of sunshine and being nestled in a tent we have headed south and are now bunkered in a ridge didge little 60s joint in a Scungy little town while the rain pours down. The tv has been on since 6am and three hours later we are all suffering cabin fever…Tis time to don the rain coats and find an outside activity.

I’ve read the companion planting guide Charlie snaffled at the Holbrook op shop and using its guiding principles have planned the planting for our first ever Black Barn veggie garden. I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt. Have fallen in love with the never before used by me plants hyssop and tansy which are happy companions of most other plants and are medicinal wonders…how have I never thought to use them.

Just posted a slightly strange Insta post of Charlie, two kept apple cores that he is keeping from deep winter with the plan of plating out the seeds in an experiment to see what it will do.

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