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Some things just have to be done by a certain date or you wait another year not just until next weekend. Scion wood for grafting fruit trees for example, I am on the very end my window to grab, the tree needs to be fully dormant which in our temperate climate isn’t a long period of time maybe mid to late July, stretching to early August maybe just in Stanley where the season is a little slower. The scion wood then needs to be kept somewhere cold, moist and dark to keep it dormant until grafting time, some keep in a fridge wrapped in damp newspaper and air tight in cling wrap, others end up in wet sand. Grafting takes place once the sap starts running which in Stanley is late August early September. We will graft when the moon is waxing, which for some may seem loony (and it doesn’t escape me that loony relates to lunatic which relates to lunar which of course relates to the moon) however these same people that would deem me loony would clearly understand that the moon moves whole oceans each day so why does it seem so ridiculous that the same lunar gravity wouldn’t affect the water inside a plant? When I graft a vulnerable piece of scion wood on to a rootstock I want to know that it will receive nourishment as quickly as possible, a waxing moon (one moving from a new to a full moon) helps a tree move water through its xylem and phloem through gravitational pull, helping ensure every chance of scion survival by providing water and nutrients to this little stick wanting to bud and grow into a whole new tree. An out of season hot windy day in September/October can spell doom for vulnerable scion wood with new leaves transpiring without yet a well formed connection to a root system capable of keeping up a good water supply.

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