Our 2020 on-line bare rooted and potted tree sales are now open.

We now offer shipping for bare rooted trees. Postage for VIC/NSW/ACT is $18 for the first tree and $2 per tree thereafter. Postage for QLD/SA is $24 for the first tree and $4 per tree thereafter. Sorry we can’t ship to NT/WA/TAS due to quarantine regulations.

Trees can also be collected direct from Black Barn Farm on Sat 1st August 10am-4.30pm.

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All our trees for sale are grafted and grown right here in the Black Barn Farm nursery using absolutely no synthetic fertilisers, herbicides or insecticides. Each and every tree is inoculated with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, fed specific woodsy composts and well irrigated to ensure you are taking home the healthiest tree and root system possible.  All our trees are grafted onto semi-dwarfing disease resistant rootstock, perfect for low maintenance backyard orchards and suitable as a free standing tree 3-5m tall or for espaliering where heights could be kept to 2m with annual pruning. Each tree is sold with a free planting and growing guide.


Staymans Winesap - bare rooted


Staymans Winesap - bare rooted 74

An improvement on its parent Winesap, this old American variety originates from Kansas in the 1850's. It matures late and traditionally was an apple prized for being able to store through the winter. It's got an aromatic and distinctive pleasing vinous flavour. A late season dessert apple. Fruit is medium in size. Originally prized as an apple which would store through the winter. Raised in 1866 by Dr Stayman in Kansas, it was first promoted in 1895 and has been grown mostly in milder southern climates of the Northern Hemisphere, including Washington State and Virginia; also widely planted in Turkey, Italy and France. The flesh is pale yellow in colour, juicy and aromatic. Good for fresh eating and it is a good keeper.








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