The key to a perpetual state of being overwhelmed

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The key to a perpetual state of being overwhelmed is to just keep going. Write that list and tick it off one small task at a time. Now if only I could get beyond the sense of utter overwhelm to find a pencil….

It’s has been a big week indeed. With the rain persisting, increasing our sense that perhaps Noah’s ark was indeed a possible phenomenon, the projects continue to mount in their state of infancy but don’t seem to make it to the ticked box status. As a result we have 40 bales of pea straw strewn across the driveway in a haphazard sight of chaos, the inside of the barn is a cacophony of stuff piled on top of each other without any degree of order, the veggie garden continues to languidly sit at the 50 percent mark with no further progress…hindered by the rain. The glug of mud that sucks your gum boots off is still rampant and the incomplete kitchen reno is still evidenced by the piles of building material still on the house verandas.

What we need is to stop starting new projects and instead get to finishing those already on the go…all very well in theory but when Andrew…the barn builder gives you the wink and says ‘ this timber I’ve found is a great price and could be perfect for your barn, it’s very hard not to be distracted. And when the tee nursery opens their gates for the season it requires haste to secure your desired list….and so the story goes…so I can see that the theory of focus is all very well but in practice, life is complex, rich, real and spontaneous so with this in mind I need to accept the state of chaos that has become the norm around here.

I started with the open food foundation this week….my mind is tingling with both nerves and excitement. I also found a replacement for me at TNE. I feel confident we made the right decision.

Our logo in all its finalised glory now sits in my inbox with the next task being to apply it wherever possible and to get a farm sign created.

I’m also really eager to get dad to paint me a giant oil version Of Apple dreaming to go up inside the barn behind the pot belly stove that sits squarely in the middle of the barn between the two windows which are due to be installed next week…best get to finishing off the sorting job in there.

Heartbreak sits in the pit of my gut as I continue to grieve the demise of my beloved chicken flock which was destroyed last night by a rogue fox…bastard!. Of the 26 chickens there are only nine left. The three originals, the buff sussex pair ( phew I can still breed with a few). One of the Araucanians one of the silkies and one of the jap bantams.  The culling has completed the task of minimising roosters for me as I had gathered quite a clutch of them but it’s still a hard lesson which breaks my heart.

The kids have had a few days in Melbourne with cherry and were delivered back to Euroa this afternoon so Charlie removed his Cathy t shirt following his polling booth effort and collected the noisy little monkeys….it’s actually lovely to have them all home again…the house feels alive once more.

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