Vegetable gardening is a false economy

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Vegetable gardening is a false economy. By the time you raise your garden beds, build up your soil, fence it, hydrate it and mulch it, you might be better off asking the girls from Rad Growers or the good folk at Greenwood and Brogan to deliver us a box each week. But that would defeat the deep seeded desire to produce the goods that are picked at my backdoor and go part way towards educating the three offspring where the food on their plate comes from and how much work goes into each mouthful…waste not want not and all that hoopla.

We finally have the sleepers here to form our beds (just in time to get the garlic in so we don’t miss a single season) and more importantly so we can create some order in the red mud pile which has slowly been emigrating onto the verandah and into the house making a good show of slowly turning everything a lovely orange hue.

Fiscal responsibility has had its way with our creative dreams and reigned in the planned 8 -10 individual beds and we are now working on 5 beds that are two sleepers high (God knows how many years of mulching it will take us to fill them each with soil?).

A sideways glance into a friends neighbours garden has also offered a suggestion of using corrugated tin for the walls which is yet to be committed to by Charlie but I’m holding out hope as variation is the spice of life.

More than 8 weeks since the space was created and the red mud was revealed in its nudely vulnerable state we are yet to get our beds formed so we can get our garlic in but we are getting closer every day.

Have begun collecting sticks from the bush as I’ve decided that not only will it be more cost effective but more interesting to have a veggie garden fence that it made from natural non homogenous sticks than perfectly cut new pickets….success remains to be seen but feeling confident.

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