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What’s got me thinking…A new orchard means a lot is banging around in my head unresolved which is natural and much of this will take years to resolve in reality.

– Phytothphora in my irrigation water
– Early frost made worse by contour plantings restricting cool air drainage
– Keeping the orchard virus free (is that even possible?)
– Lack of N and P in the nursery and little time to remediate it gently and naturally.
– Need for two cover crops and irrigation
– Micro sprinklers v drippers. Micro allows me to keep a larger area moist thus a more active and diverse understory but potential fungal issues, drippers more efficient however dry surface zones. Could alternate on rows for experimentation I guess. Can you get pressure compensating micro sprinklers like you can drippers?
– berries not in monoculture rows but part of a diverse orchard row, Autumn raspberries much easier in that regard.
– how to best suppress grass under young trees and to provide woodsy compost. Inter row woodsy chop and drop or intra row? Cover cropping inter row will provide mulch cover eventually and N.
– how to best process waste food from Stanley pub, bread and meat issue?

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