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Orchard designs roll around in my mind with the voices of Mark Shepard, Michael Phillips, Stefan Subowitz, Darren Doherty and Dave Arnold all vying to be heard amongst my own internal apple order rationalisation. The easiest consensus among these voices is for rows to follow the contour, from there however consensus is lost in the debate of rootstocks and their resultant impact on spacing, collar rot, fire blight and wooly aphid resistance, species selection within each row, fruit maturity timing, irrigation, trellis support, frost protection, swale spacing and capacity, woodsy mulch intercropping, ¬†Mark ¬†Shepard’s stun (shear and total utter neglect) v’s Darren Doherty’s support and early tree love. We do have some time on our hands in this dilemma regard though, the plant nursery going in this winter won’t be ready for planting until winter 2017, regardless row decisions are cemented once a tree is planted so any mistakes I make will haunt me for the term the trees natural life which in reality is longer than mine, what’s the big deal if you plant your spring onions too close or choose the wrong broad bean variety, you learn and do it better the next year, with apples and nuts you tell your kids and hope the next generation gets it right…….and Jade wonders why the decision hasn’t been made yet…..

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